Friday, June 11, 2010

Spiritual Gathering of Ritual Thanks at: MT. Tangkuban Parahu, West Java, Indonesia


om suastiastu
salam sejahtera

holy peace be shared with all our relations.

This ceremony is part of Sundanese Archipelago of the world sacred art practice. This is an invitation to show up as a cultural tradition or spiritual leader of a traditional peoples be they Sundanese, from our archipelago and also includes an invitation to others from around the world.

We will be doing a sort of loving kindness prayer to give thanks and pray for all the contents of the world by doing a ritual which has a principle to share the beauty of the feeling which is born out of a free heart in the feeling of sameness/togetherness.

You may bring offerings, read mantras, sing sacred songs, play traditional music, soul dancing, meditation according to each persons ways in a harmonious manner together.

July 25 2010 we will all enjoy the full moon together either in Bandung or at Mt. Tangkuban Parahu depending on the situation.

The following day (July 26) starting at sunrise and daybreak together, we will then perform the ritual on the summit of Mt. Tangkuban Parahu at the site of "sisa Kawah Putri"

This is only an invitation to perform this ritual together, we will not facilitate anything (except wave the entrance fee to the mountain). All other expenses including food and beverage, accommodations etc. are not provided. This invitation only deals with the moment of the ritual as a time and place to provide offerings. This being the same place where it was performed last year. So it is best if all those who are invited do their best to help others be able to attend.

We very much hope that our guests wear their various traditional garments, or clothing which they usually wear to perform holy rituals. We also hope that our guests bring offerings from their various  traditions,, whether fruit or vegetable, sacdred symbols or others accessories/tools which need for their usually use.

May we all be able to bring about the best feeling free and filled with peace and most glorious loving kindness within each of our hearts.

May our coming together bring a life filled with peace and loving kindness to share with all the worlds contents.

I hope that all help that is required; permits, transportation, accommodations, energy, thoughts and all other matters will be provided by those who are able to help so that everything that needs to can happen easily and with a good flow.

Rahayu, rahayu, rahayu
(blessings, blessings, blessings)

KANTA PURWADINATA (Jaro Salametan/Host)
Confirmation and any help can be co
mmunicated to our relation:
Gin-gin Akil: +62 (0)81320551972

Friday, June 19, 2009

Traditional Sundanese Instruments

Here is a man playing the traditional Sundanese"sitar" called Kecapi. Other even older traditional Sundanese instruments include, Anklung, karindin, cilempung and flute (all made of bamboo). All of these, and other instruments as well, will be played at the Mt. Tangkuban Parahu ceremony.

Words from the Bandung hosts

Eling, eling mangka eling /eling kadiri sorangan /eling ka diri nu lian/urang jeung Alam taya antara 3x /mun aya antarana urang rek cicing dimana?iyeuh... /Pun, Hirup ti pamedalan nepi Pangbalikan /neda ampun nya parapun/neda jembar pangampura /hampura sapapanjangna Ahuuuuuung…

Conscious, conscious until truly conscious /conscious of self/conscious of self in other /between ourselves and nature there is no distance3x /supposing there was such a distance where would we then be? huh… / here I am, from birth until I return /please forgive with all forgiveness /please let this forgiveness be greater still Ahuuuuuuung (great spirit). Traditional Sundanese song

The prayers at Mt. Tangkuban Parahu intend to clarify or share the understanding that everywhere on this planet, nature has given a place and a responsibility to each life which has been chosen to live in that environment. The existence of these lives does not truly change in anyway because the ways of each particular place have been shaped over tens of thousands of years.

Therefore every place has its caretakers its indigenous people, its first nations. This is why the light of all first nations must radiate (or shine). A good way, for those carrying the torch of the ancestors’ legacy to meet, is in the form of a spiritual gathering. One such meeting is to take place by gathering together to perform a ritual in the natural ship of Tangkuban Parahu (upturned ship-as in stored ship). This is one of many mountains which remains from Purwakancana (prehistoric Sunda mountain).

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Enjoying "Tarawangsa" -one of many traditional Sundanese musical forms

.....Wileujeng Sumping ...(Welcome)
The man in the satin shirt is over a hundred years old.